Program of First International Symposium on Donkey Science


Registration Time: August 14th, 2017

Registration Place: E Jiao Cultural Theme Hotel, Dong′e County, Shandong province, China

Conference Time: August 15th-17th, 2017

Conference Place: Visitor Center, Dong E E Jiao Co., Ltd, Dong′e County, Shandong province, China


      Conference Program

      Monday, August 14th, 2017

      08:00-19:00   Registration

                Place:   E Jiao Cultural Theme Hotel

      19:00-20:30   Welcome Banquet 

          Place:   E Jiao Cultural Theme Hotel 


Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

06:30-07:20   Breakfast

08:00-09:10   Opening Ceremony

09:10-09:40   Group Photo

09:40-10:55   Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in Different Continents (1)  

                       Chairman: Shenming Zeng and Luis Losinno 

09:40-10:05   The Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in China

                       Changxin Wu, China

10:05-10:30   The Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in Europe

                       Francesco Camillo, Italy

10:30-10:55   The Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in North America

                       Igor Canisso, USA

10:55-11:15   Coffee Break

11:15-12:30   Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in Different Continents (2)

                       Chairman: Jordi Miro and Ahmed Abdoun

11:15-11:40   The Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in South America

                       Gustavo Carneiro, Brazil

11:40-12:05   The Current Situation and Trend of Donkey Industry in the Middle East

                        Ihtesham Haq, Pakistan 

12:05-12:30    Research on Basic Models of Rural Governance-Chifeng Houxinglong Town

                        Dong E E Jiao Hope Village As An Example

                        Yanli Gui, China 

12:30-14:30   Lunch   

14:30-17:30   Visit and Tour

Visit the National Black Donkey Breeding Center, the Chinese Donkey Culture Museum, the Donkey-hide Gelatin Biotechnology Industry Park (production workshop), the Chinese Donkey-hide Gelatin Museum and Dong E E Jiao town (cinema city) .

17:30-19:00   Discussion

                      Preparation of the Internatoinal Society of Donkey Science, Discussion of Expert

                     Consensus and the International Technology Innovation Fund Project for Donkey


19:00-20:30   Buffet dinner


Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

06:30-07:20   Breakfast

08:00-10:30   Nutrition and Healthcare (1)

                       Chairman: Francisco Javier Mendoza and Marcelo Miragaya

08:00-08:25   Feeding Behaviour and Nutrients Digestibility of Donkeys

                          Paul Siciliano, USA 

08:25-08:50   Methodology Research on Feed Data Base Set Up for Domestical Animals

                          Defa Li, China  

                          08:50-09:15   Donkey Nutrition and Feeding : nutrient requirement and recommended allowances

                       William Martin-Rosset, France

                          09:15-09:40   Special Diets of Donkey for the Harmony of Health Mangement and Efficient Production

                                                 Qiugang Ma, China

09:40-10:05   Gastrointestinal Parasites of Donkey: Is it necessary to treat?

                       Yannick Caron, Cambodia

10:05-10:30    Update on Donkey Internal Medicine

Fulvio Laus, Italy

                            10:30-10:50   Coffee Break 

10:50-12:30   Nutrition and Healthcare (2)

                        Chairmans: William Martin Rosset and Fulvio Laus

10:50-11:15   Overview of Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders in Donkeys

Francisco Javier Mendoza, Spain

                          11:15-11:40   Update on Donkey Andrology

Marcelo Miragaya, Argentina

                          11:40-12:05   Equine Infectious Anemia: Diagnosis and Vaccinology

                         Xiaojun Wang, China

                          12:05-12:30   Infectious Diseases and Donkeys Health: the experience in Argentina

                         Maria Barrandeguy, Argentina

12:30-14:30  Lunch

14:30-17:00   Reproduction, Breeding and Genetics (1)

                       Chairmans: Francesco Camillo and Gustavo Carneiro

14:30-14:55   Update on Donkey Genome

                      Mang Lai ,China

14:55-15:20    Establishment of Conditions for Ovum Pick Up, in Vitro Maturation of Oocytes,

                                                 in Vitro  Fertilization and in Vitro Development of Embryos in Donkey (Equus


                                                Stefan Deleuze, Belgium

 15:20-15:45   Genome Sequence, Resequencing, and Comparative Analysis Provides Insight Into the  

                          Donkey Domestication of Body Height and Coat Color and Immunity

                         Changfa Wang, China

15:45-16:10   Update on Donkey Frozen Semen

                      Marco Alvarenga, Brazil
16:10-16:35   Post Artificial Insemination Endometrial Inflammation and Its Control in Donkeys

                      Jordi Miró, Spain

 16:35-17:00   Post ArtifiThe Research and Applications of Donkey-Breeding Technique in Sinkiang

                      Jingbo Chen, China 

17:00-17:20   Coffee Break

17:20-19:25   Reproduction, Breeding and Genetics (2)

                       Chairmans: Changfa Wang and Stefen Deleuze

                          17:20-17:45   Reproductive Control Technologies in Jennies Raised in Intensive Conditions

Shenming Zeng, China

17:45-18:10   Update on Donkey Embryo Transfer and Vitrification

Duccio Panzani, Italy

                          18:10-18:35   Reproductive Patterns of Donkeys in Egypt: Problems and Possibilities

Ahmed Abdoon, Egypt   

                          18:35-19:00   A Way to Improve Jennies Conception Rate by Inducing Ovulation and     

                                                 Timed Artificial Insemination

                                                    Zhongle Chang, China

19:00-19:25   Morphology of Donkey Sperm

                          Lu Hanxi, China

19:25-20:30    Workshop

1.  Reproduction, Breeding and Genetics

      Chairmans: Duccio Panzani and Igor Canisso

2.   Nutrition and Health Care

      Chairmans: Maria Barrandeguy and Francisco Javier Mendoza

3.   Product Development and Processing

Chairmans: Xiangshan Zhou and Amy McLean

20:30-21:30   Buffet Dinner


 Thursday, August 17th, 2017

06:30-07:20   Breakfast

08:00-10:05   Donkey Product Development and Processing

                        Chairmans: Xiangshan Zhou and Amy McLean

08:00-08:25   Nutritional and Nutraceutical Quality of Donkey Milk

                         Mina Martini, Italy  

08:25-08:50   Development of Placental Extract and Products from Dong’e Black Donkey

                            Eri Takemiya, Japan                            

08:50-09:15   Study on the Protective Effect of Dong'e E-Jiao (Colla corii asini)on Lung Dysfunction

                      Caused by Fine Particles

                       Hongtao Jin, China

09:15-09:40   History and Pharmacological Effect of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Colla Corii

                         Asini (Donkey-Hide Gelatin)

                       Xiangshan Zhou, China

09:40-10:05    Introduction to Donkey Meat Product

                       Boris Cagnin, Italy 

10:05-10:25    Coffee Break

10:25-12:30    Culture and Welfare

                          10:25- 10:50   Donkey Welfare: a reflection of human behavior, requirements and use

                                                   Amy McLean, USA

10:50-11:15   Donkey Welfare Concerns in West Africa

                         Philip Wayuta Mshelia, Nigeria

11:15-11:40   Value of Donkey Culture 

                          Han Guocai , China

11:40-12:05   Design of the Donkey Museum

                         Wu Shizhong , China

12:05-12:30   Evaluation of the Efficacy of Donkey Milk

                        Huiyuan Guo, China 

12:30-13:00       Closing Ceremony 

13:00-15:00        Lunch